Preterist Site Update 2/17/14

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Not much to report, I corrected this link:

Scott, J. Julius: Did Jerusalem Christians Flee to Pella?

And removed a dead link to a piece I wrote on Chilton that unfortunately was not archived by the WayBack Machine.

Mostly I am still working on editing the book with some help from good friends. We are up to Matthew 24:15. I don’t get a lot of sit down dedicated time to edit, so it will get done when it gets done.

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Preterist Site Updates 2/3/14

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A while back TheologyWeb’s resident Greek scholar and my dear friend, John Reece, provided a rebuttal to some technical rebuttals to the preterist interpretation of “this generation,” and recently provided another to a futurist asserting that the nominative case of the phrase in Matthew 24:34 rebutted the preterist view.  I have added John’s response to the end of the original here

I added Preterist Global to the list of preterist study resources.   I would subscribe to this site if I were you, it is updated a lot more frequently than I will be able to do for the foreseeable future and does not include any hyperpreterist twaddle.

If there are items you would like to see me add, please shoot me an email or put a comment on the blog.  If you find dead links, it would really help if you could find the live one (or its spot on the Wayback Machine) and send that to me so I can update the site.  I know there is a huge problem right now with dead links as I haven’t done a link check in about three years.

I will be much more active on this blog when I get the podcast episodes re-posted (doing them at about the rate of one per day right now, and I have over 60 episodes to repost) and when I am back on a regular podcasting schedule.  Feedback has indicated that the podcast is the preferred resource for my particular audience.

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Ahh my old friend, the Rapture Index

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SuniI know the admins at the Rapture Ready forum.  They are my brethren.  But they do things that are fantastically silly.  One of them being the much (and rightly mocked I believe) Rapture Index.  It is right and good to discuss current events and be prepared to view them through the lens of our Biblical worldview.  It brings mockery to the cause of Christ when we implicitly (and in this case explicitly) try to predict the “rapture” by reading the newspaper without a firm grasp on history writ large.  And if one is going to do such a thing, rigorous constant analysis is required, which is not done by any stretch of the imagination on the Rapture Index.  They created an index and snatch a bit of news here and there and arbitrarily assign numbers without revisiting the whole thing, making it a bad attempt at something we shouldn’t even do to begin with.  If you are going to do something wrong, at least do it well.  I guess.  Prove my point?  Okay, here is the Rapture Index on 2/3/14.

38 Wild Weather: Massive flooding in Colorado has upgraded this category

Obviously that caught my interest as I now live in Colorado (some personal updates on that soon). And I didn’t realize that this square odd state was so eschatologically significant, and not for legalizing recreational marijuana (more on that in a bit).


45 Floods: The lack of activity has downgraded this category.

Umm… let’s all sing! One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not the same.

Flooding in Colorado (short-term and not massive in the world-wide scheme of things, ask Noah) is enough to ratchet up the likelihood of the Second Coming, but then it doesn’t even deserve mention in the flooding category? Because its only one place? Perhaps. I think it is just a scrabble to cherry-pick news with no attempt to be internally consistent.

But there HAS been other flooding, such as in the United Kingdom and my old stomping grounds, Delray Beach, Florida.

This kind of Wheel ‘O Rapture is like the old scales at carnivals with the gypsy figure that would spit out your fortune.

And I just needed to point out this one as well:

15 Moral Standards: A new poll finds that more couples are living together outside of marriage.

Obviously I am not advocating non-marital sexual relations and not getting married, but THIS is all that is highlighted? Hello? Marriage itself is being profaned, kids are killing kids, and Belgium and the Netherlands are now moving towards allowing children to be euthanized, and this is all one can come up with? And back to the Colorado issue, I am surprised the legalization of recreational marijuana didn’t make it to the list. I mean after all, this is the crowd that has quite an entertaining rant on tattoos, with the insinuation that a Christian who gets one run the risks of a tattooed resurrection body and that getting a tattoo may even turn you into a homosexual, and not a peep on the whacky weed?

FWIW, and I am sure I will catch flack for this, I think the war on drugs is an utter failure and support the decriminalization of “drugs” (caution: link is to a highly liberal site, but I believe they have this right) that are on par with or less dangerous than alcohol, particularly ones that seem to have significant evidence for medicinal value and pain relief for people that otherwise would be dependent upon opoids. I have no issue with this and get a perverse pleasure out of Colorado giving the Feds the middle finger and taking control of what should be a state’s rights issue. If our culture were different, perhaps these laws would work. Perhaps Prohibition would have worked, but we are not changing the culture through these laws, and the cost is high. Change the hearts, and the laws will follow if needed. Obviously there are exceptions to that general principle. You don’t fight making murder illegal (abortion) simply because our culture is murderous. But in aspects of personal behaviour, health, soundness of mind… laws aren’t doing it.

PS: Edit to add…. they also haven’t caught on that it isn’t still 2013 yet.

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For Those Following the Podcast Re-Posts

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I just figured out (doh!) that simply posting the the old Wayback links to the show notes isn’t going to help anyone find the old episodes that deal with specific verses, so I am going to go back through and update the posts with at least the brief summary portions.

Until then, the index with show descriptions on what is covered is here: Index of Podcast Episodes.

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Preterist Site Updates

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Okay, I am updating the PreteristSite a little bit as people are sending me resources they would like added.

I have added the following audio files by Pastor Jon Speed:

Eschatology Overview ~ part one of Pastor Speed’s study on Mark 13 (audio file)

Destruction of the Temple Part One ~ part two of Pastor Speed’s study on Mark 13 (audio file)

Destruction of the Temple Part Two ~ part three of Pastor Speed’s study on Mark 13 (audio file)

Understanding the Tribulation ~ part four of Pastor Speed’s study on Mark 13 (audio file)

I also found a free online version of Gary DeMar’s Last Days Madness here.

I also added this resource of archived anti-hyperpreterist materials:   Against HyperPreterism (Reign of Christ)

The next big project on the Preterist Site is to run a link validator and fix or remove bad links.

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The Preterist Podcast is back up and running….

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I am slowing re-uploading the old episodes.  iTunes has accepted the new feed, and it can be found in the iTunes store.  I have fixed the theme and layout, so that one is pretty good to go.  I next have to work on the theme and layout for this site.  I have a friend who has agreed to help provide technical support in the areas that I cannot figured out for a reasonable price, so hopefully, this will be done soon….. well not a preterist soon, but soon enough.

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Status of The Preterist Blog

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Hello everyone, as you can see both the PreteristBlog and the PreteristPodcast sites are presently down.  These sites were hosted on the TheologyWeb server which suffered a catastrophic hard drive crash.  We tried for about three months with several data recovery sites to recover the data to no avail–and lesson learned, we had no backups of most items.  So I will be starting over… kinda.  PreteristSite is back up, but badly in need of updating.  I have the audio files from the podcast which I will start on re-loading.  The blog resurrection will be last.  This will be something that will take place over the course of a year.  Why so long?  During the downtime, I was working on finalizing the editing of my commentary for publication.  So, I am going to finish that before dedicating myself to anything further.



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